1942 Waltham USA Rare Military Wristwatch - American WW2 Ordinance Department OG 70791

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This Watch

A very attractive and historic timepiece made in USA for military use. Mechanical manually wound with a USA made Waltham caliber 6/o. It has an extra large winding crown for easier winding while gloved, exaggerated numerals, which would have originally been visible at night or low light and subsidiary seconds dial. Screw / nut back for water resistance back in the day and a period Bonklip-type bracelet, designed to fit any size wrist and also have the ability to fit over the flying jacket or suit.

Extra Points 

Another spec produced during World War II was the "Ordinance Department" watch, which was for non-aviation personnel and available in both black and white dials, almost exclusively with sub-seconds registers (with the exception of one variant).  Manufactures who produced these watches included Bulova, Elgin, Hamilton and Waltham.  Both wrist and pocket variants were made, and there were at least nine iterations of this spec, which were identified by a two or three letter code.  A letter indicating the case manufacturer was stamped between the lugs of the watches.   The prefix "OG" (as we have here) before the serial number indicated a 17-jewel movement, and these models were also used by the Air Corps.

The watch has a monometallic balance wheel and overcoil Conel hairsprings. Conel was Waltham's version of Elinvar, a metal that hardly changed elasticity with temperature.

For more information and pictures of the full range of these Ordinance watches, we recommend Marvin Whitney's Military Timepieces.

What We Think

We love military watches here at AWC, especially ones like this which have so much character!  Now for most men, they may find this size of watch too small, but I would say if you're comfortable with smaller watches you are really getting yourself an absolute gem for such a fair price!  Ladies out there, this is perfect for you!


Spec Stuff
Reference : 70791
Movement : Cal. 6/0
Age : 1940/1950
Specific Age : 1942
Case Size : 32.5mm
Case Thickness : 11mm
Lug to Lug :
Lugs :
Condition :
Box & Papers :
Case Material :
 Stainless Steel 
Service History :
  Our 12-Months NON-Waterproof Warranty

1942 Waltham USA Rare Military Wristwatch - American WW2 Ordinance Department OG 70791