1972 Memosail Regatta Yachting Rare Watch Timer with 10 Minute Countdown valjoux 7737

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This Watch

We have here a very special watch, the Memosail Regatta watch with a 10-minute countdown, flyback regatta module.  The renowned watch movement manufacturers, Valjoux, designed the caliber specifically for this watch to have this function

This innovative movement sits inside a 2-piece case that measures a huge 45mm.  It is a substantial case but a comfortable wear for both men and women.  We've paired the watch on the new 24mm Silicone Blue strap in keeping with the original , for a more sporty look but it looks equally good on leather.

The dial on this watch is incredibly interesting and functional.  The sharp striking dial has simple line markers with the Memosail name and logo at 12 o'clock.  The modified chronograph flyback function is controlled by the pushers at 2 o'clock and underneath at 4pm for reset (More information below ) the dial is the gorgeous bulls eye blue / white dial is in great condition 10-minute countdown indicator window which is visible through the five holes between 12 and 4 o'clock.  When the chronograph function is activated the countdown starts the flyback/seconds hand sweeps around the dial 

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 Extra Points 

 In 1926 Ebauches SA was created by three major watch companies (A. Schild AG, Fabrique d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon and A. Michel AG), as a holding company for Swiss watch movement manufacturers. The purpose of this merger was to bring order in this chaotic industry, and to keep the prices of watch movements from falling any further. By 1951 Ebauches SA had bought as many as 75 movement manufacturers! Eventually in 1985 most of the companies that became part of Ebauches SA were bought into the Swatch Group under the ETA division.

In 1970 daughter company Ebauches Electroniques SA was founded, and that company filed in 1972 for the trademark name Memosail.

How the countdown function works:

Unlike the Lemania 1345 movement (see the Aquastar 1970’s section) the Memosail has two pushers for the countdown function. One pusher at 2 o’clock for start/stop, and one pusher at 4 o’clock for reset.

Under the dial is a plastic indicator disk divided in 15 segments for 15 minutes, of which 5 segments are shown through a large aperture in the dial from 12 to 4 o’clock to follow the countdown. After a reset it shows 10-9-8-7-6 in black figures on a yellow background. When the chrono is activated the countdown starts and the orange sweep hand is set in motion counting the seconds backwards from 60 to zero. After 30 seconds the indicator disk moves half a minute, and again after 60 seconds, now showing 9-8-7-6-5. So, after the first 5 minutes of the countdown the disk is showing 5-4-3-2-1 in white figures on a red background. The process repeats and after another 5 minutes it reads START in green capitals on a white base.t is striking that whereas the indicator disk in the Lemania 1345 moves clockwise, in the Memosail it runs anti-clockwise! And whereas in the Lemania the indicator disk stops after the countdown comes to zero, in the Memosail it doesn’t. It keeps revolving showing again 10-9-8-7-6 after another 5 minutes, and so on. You have to stop the countdown with the stop pusher.

This watch comes fully serviced by our on-site workshop and with a 12 month, non-waterproof service cover.


What we think

We are very excited to have such a rare find available for our customers.  This watch was the first of its kind and it is from this watch that subsequent developments in regatta countdown watches have been made.  A real collectors timepiece with an incredibly interesting history!


Spec Stuff

Serial : ****
Reference : Regatta Yachting Timer
Movement :  Caliber: manual wound Valjoux 7737 movement
Age : 1971/1980
Specific Age : Circa 1972
Case Size : Round case size: Ø 45,6 mm / H 13,5 mm
Case Thickness : 16mm
Lug to Lug :
Lugs :
Condition :
Box & Papers :
Case Material :
Stainless Steel back Brushed chrome front.
Service History :
 12-Months NON-Waterproof service cover 

1972 Memosail Regatta Yachting Rare Watch Timer with 10 Minute Countdown valjoux 7737